The Supply Change Alliance (SCA) is a minority business enterprise support initiative which provides qualified minority business owners with free and/or deeply discounted access to the founding companies’ services. LicenseLogix, LLC., Interpreters and Translators Inc., and Network Support Co are the three companies behind this philanthropic program.

Our idea was born out of the need to effect real change when it comes to equalizing the business playing field and to directly benefit minority entrepreneurs in helping them realize their entrepreneurial visions.

The initiative is designed to encourage minority entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, which are often unattainable due to unequal access to capital. The SCA and the faces of our companies behind it aim to address this issue by eliminating a portion of start-up costs and operating expenses. We aim to do that for qualified minority business owners* through  valuable services which amount up to $20,000 worth of savings.

Our initiative will help with business licensing costs, digital marketing, translation, web hosting and development, as well as IT support. We are looking to break the barrier for minority entrepreneurs, who historically have struggled due to lack of access to capital, support network and other opportunities.

The Center for Global Policy Solutions reported in 2016 that discrimination in business ownership is costing the country as many as nine million jobs and up to $300 billion.

We want to change this, now and this is where The Supply Change Alliance comes in- you supply the ideas, we supply the change!

*Business must meet the minority-owned business criteria set forth by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Minority Business Development Agency.


Alliance Leaders


David Yount

Founder & CEO of LicenseLogix, LLC (LLX)

David launched LicenseLogix in 2011 and has grown the company from a team of two to more than 80 employees in less than a decade. A licensed attorney in New York and Georgia, David realized LicenseLogix was perfectly suited to help with obstacles minority business owners face, namely access to capital. He said the Supply Change Alliance was formed “to make a potentially life-changing difference for minority entrepreneurs by helping to level the playing field for them.


Francesco Pagano

President of Interpreters & Translators, Inc.

Francesco’s entire life has been dedicated to language services and helping bridge communication gaps. As President of iTi, Francesco has been instrumental to the company’s tremendous growth. He is on the Leadership Council for the Association of Language Companies. Upon the formation of the Supply Change Alliance, Francesco said: “Diversity in language and culture is the reason our company exists,” and he added that iTi is participating to “give back to the underserved community in our country.”


Amy Roman

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Network Support Co.

Amy’s love of Marketing started early, when she won state and national marketing competitions as President of her high school Marketing Club. Since then, she has driven growth at leading Fortune 500 companies and innovative start-ups; traveled as a guest speaker; and co-authored part of a graduate school textbook. One key reason Amy joined Network Support Co. is its dedication to a values-driven culture and giving back to the community. Amy said Network Support Co. is part of the alliance because they believe it will “make a real difference in facilitating positive social change by lowering barriers of entry to minority entrepreneurs.”