The SCA provides minority entrepreneurs with the following array of complimentary services and discounts from which they can pick and choose based on their business’ individual needs:

What LicenseLogix is Offering

  • License research:
    The regulatory environment is ever-changing and complicated. LLX’s experts will help you navigate it by providing a customized report that examines the applications, instructions, filing nuances and fees associated with starting a business.
  • License filings:
    LLX will prepare and submit business license applications in any industry or jurisdiction. Our experts will proactively communicate with licensing authorities to ensure a fast, hassle-free experience.
  • License assessment:
    LLX will provide an optimized road map to full compliance by conducting a full audit of a company’s business license portfolio. This will include researching all required federal, state, county and municipal licenses relevant to the business, as well as identifying any gaps or areas of over licensing.
  • License compliance:
    We will manage the company’s renewable licenses and track the entire license portfolio.

What iTi is Offering

  • Free digital marketing consultation:
    iTi’s team of digital marketing experts will use their decades of experience to evaluate each business’ website and advise on how to improve it.
  • Free translation (3 languages):
    Get access to iTi’s 10,000 + linguistics experts who will translate your website content in three languages of your choice, which is invaluable in an ever-increasing global economy.
  • Free web hosting:
    iTi will register a new website domain for qualified minority business owners and provide free web hosting for one year.
  • Free training:
    Our IT experts will provide a one-hour website maintenance training, which will include instructions on how to manage future website updates, as well as how to improve the overall user experience of your site.
  • Discounted web setup:
    iTi will provide website design for a flat rate of $500. This service includes the option to choose from three digital design templates (based on the business type) and features assistance with implementing design concepts.

What Network Support Co is Offering

  • Free network assessment:
    Network Support Company’s (NSC’s) technical team will assess the company’s current IT setup, using 150 best practices, technology and tools to glean insight into the health of the operations and identify potential security risks and threats. Based upon those findings, NSC will develop a recommended action plan to minimize unknown variables within the network, ensure compliance with industry standards, and develop a technology infrastructure that maximizes team productivity, efficiency and performance.
  • Discounted IT services for 1 year:
    To companies with a minimum of 15 workstations, NSC will provide significantly discounted managed IT services for 1 year – partnering them with a team of Client Success and Technical professionals who will provide 24/7 Help Desk and network support. Services will include access to our proprietary software platform, which provides 100% transparency to their network health and enables NSC to proactively manage their technology and address security concerns at their most likely entry point, including end users.